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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

5 Swimsuits For The Curvy Woman

In the last month or so I've dropped 10 pounds. Awesome right?! Yea, I thought so too - until I hauled my butt into a dressing room with 30 different swimsuits to try on. Losing 10 pounds will sure boost your confidence, at least until you go swimsuit shopping. I spent at least 2 hours in that dressing room - trying on, pulling off, throwing down swimsuit after swimsuit. Two hours of my life wasted and when all was said and I done I felt like I had very little to choose from. 

I did buy a suit that day; one that I liked and felt comfortable in. I didn't feel like a million bucks in it but I did like it. Plus, my daughter said I looked like a princess. Score. I'm not overly self conscious about my body. I'm a curvy woman. I have pounds that I need to lose. I have "trouble areas." I should still feel gorgeous in a bathing suit. I had a hard time finding anything that made me feel gorgeous that day. 

I know I'm not alone in this area. So, in an effort to help out other curvy women like myself who want to look and feel amazing while walking the beach, lounging at the pool, or lunging down water slides I've polled the masses (not really) to give you 5 great swimsuits for curvy women. 

We all have different bodies and some of these suits won't work for you - some of them wouldn't work for me - but they all have something to offer!

1) Allen B Cinch Front Swim Dress: I love this suit. It's modest and provides good coverage while still being super cute and fun. The skirt is just long enough and the cinching around the midsection is very flattering. 

2) Slimming Sarong Tanksuit: This suit offers slimming, shaping, and better control. That's all I need to know! Plus, it's not frumpy like most "plus size" suits. It's also built to last which is always important. 

3) Slender Swimdress: I've got it on good authority that this is the swimsuit to have. Everyone I've talked has said that it is comfortable, flattering, and lasts forever! I wish I would have known before I purchased my suit this year, but next year - it's on! 

4) Ruffled One Piece: I chose this suit for two reasons: I love the fun and flirty print. Also? It's from Target which means it is super affordable! Bonus: the ruffled collar will draw the eye upward and away from the midsection.

5) ASOS Curve:  I'm in love with this suit! It provides great coverage up top with wide straps for comfortable support. The polka dots are slimming and adorable. 

Where is your favorite place to buy a swimsuit? Join me on the Charm + Sass facebook page to discuss it! 

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  1. I love love love that red polka dot one! So cute :)

  2. I love #3 Lacey! Someday I will need a swimsuit and I would definitely try on that one! Great post for us curvy women :-)

  3. I love this post!! #5 is my absolute fav!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have been dreading & avoiding the swim suit shopping experience all summer! Thanks for the tips!

  5. I love the polka dot one!!!


  6. I love the first one. Super cute! I usually go with a bikini bottom and a tankini top but trying on bathing suits is not my favorite thing to do.


  7. Love number one! That is so cute! I am thin overall but after 3 kids my mid section definitely needs help so definitely will have to check these ones out.

  8. I agree! Number 5 with the red and white polka dots has my vote. I totally want it. Nice post, Lacey!!

  9. I love #1 and going to their website now. Thank you so much.

  10. Oh I love #1 and #4! I've got to add these to my collection. Two new favs!

  11. The polka dot one is right up my alley, very vintage!

  12. That polka dot suit is adorable! Love it!

  13. I like #1 the best. cinching is awesome!

  14. I really like the flowery one, but there's no way it would hold the girls in! Almost all plus size suits are cut really low and I can't stand those unfortunately.


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