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Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend Recap & Moving Cross Country

Follow Me on Pinterest Hello sweet friends! I've certainly missed you guys over the last several days! My husband took FIVE.WHOLE.DAYS of vacation and he asked me to take a little bloggy vacation too. I obliged, although it was very short notice, hence no guest posters! Sorry to leave y'all hangin! Anyhow, I know it is Friday and it's basically already the weekend AGAIN but I wanted to recap my last 5 days!

On Saturday I finally got to meet up with my bloggy BFF who was quickly becoming/has become my IRL BFF! Lindsey, from Country Roots City Living and I headed out to Starbucks for an evening of coffee, girl talk and working on our blogs. Do we sound like nerds? Whatever! We ended up spending four hours sitting in that little Starbucks on the corner of West Gray; I probably could have stayed there all night. It's so awesome when you find someone who you really connect with! I helped Lindsey spruce up her blog a bit too - take a look at this header I made!

Not bad for an amateur eh? Lins loved it and I was super proud of myself for putting it together!

On Tuesday we took the kids to the zoo which is something we do often. I just can't get enough of the baby animals!

BTW, the 1st Tuesday of every month is FREE at the Houston Zoo after 2 P.M. Y'all know I like free! 

Wednesday was Hubs last day of vacation so we packed up our stuff and hauled ourselves down to the beach. It was a perfect day. There was no one on the island and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We found a perfect spot with shallow pools, lots of seashells, and no seaweed! WHOOP! Things were all gravy til we got home and realized that we'd all gotten sunburned despite our excessive use of sunscreen with an SPF of 55. Who gets a sunburn in September anyway? GEEZ! 

While I had a great time with my family over the long weekend I also got some news that totally bummed me out. My girl Linds found out they her family will be relocating AGAIN. Although they just moved to Houston from Indiana a few short months ago, they will be moving at the end of this month to settle into Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eight.Hours.Away. You guys, I'm not kidding when I tell you this - I cried. She and I have gotten so close over the past few months and I"m sure y'all will agree with me that good friends are hard to find. With that said, I'm super happy to see great things happening for her family and we're already booking plane tickets!

With her big move coming up it got me thinking - what would it take for me to move across the country? What I came up with was surprisingly simple.

If my husband found a well paying job that would pay for us to move to another location, I'd do it. I would pack all of our things tomorrow and I would go. What an adventure it would be! I've dreamed many times of just picking up and moving somewhere far away to start new. Now if I could just convince my husband...



  1. OMG really! I read the title and got chills. Then I kept reading and the tears started to come! The part and only part I dislike about moving is having to leave a new best friend like you behind. You are right great friends are hard to come by. One thing you NEED to know is that you and I are now connected for every sister! You need someone pick up the phone call and I am on my way, might be 8 hours later but I am there! I LOVE YOU and I am so thankful that we came into each others lives! I will ALWAYS cherish our friendship! >3

  2. Having moved from the West Coast to the East and back, I know I can do it. And sometimes I long for that adventuring again, but when we had kids, we agreed to give them something we didn't have as kids: one home, one school, one town. They've flourished with roots and I'm going to ignore my itchy feet!

  3. So glad you got to spend 5 days with your hubby! That would be a wonderful surprise and it makes me smile to think he asked you to take a break from your blog- lol too cute!

    Sorry your friend is moving so far away. I know we touched on this a bit through email- and I am with ya still, good friends are just hard to find. I hope you guys keep in touch lots and hopefully get to see each other a few times a year.


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