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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Social {Link Up}

Howdy! I know y'all aren't used to hearing from me over the weekend but let's just roll with it, okay? I wanted to try something new today so I decided to link up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social! So basically I'm gonna answer a few questions and maybe you will learn something new about lil ol' me!

1) What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it?

And They Call Me Mommy is the name and apparently the little ones think it is a game. Like my rhyming skills? Yea, kinda corny, I know. Seriously, "Mommy!" is all I ever hear and so it just fit for the blog. I've been thinking about renaming but that is a whole other mess of a decision to make!

2) What do you love the most about blogging?

YOU GUYS! Seriously, I have met more people through blogging than I could have ever imagined. Friendly people, supportive people, genuine people. Not sure if you've noticed, but those kind of folks are seriously hard to come by these days. I love connecting with readers & other bloggers. It's the best.

3) What are your two favorite posts that you've written?

The one where I told my daughter that her Nanny (grandma) has cancer.
While this was probably one of the hardest posts to write and I hate that I ever had to write it, it did and still does touch me to this day.

The one about the time I tricked my uncle into helping me forge my mom's signature...when I was in the 1st grade! Really cool side note : I actually reconnected with the teacher I wrote about in that post about a week after it was published! 

4)  What is something you would want to tell someone just starting out in blog world?

I would say to you just enjoy it. Don't worry. Just relax. Do what feels right to you. There are so many "rules" in blog land and while some of them make sense, some of them are so silly. Be yourself. Be authentic. Original. Have fun!

5) What is the biggest blogging learning experience that you've had?

I had to learn to blog about what I love, what makes me happy. If you aren't writing about things that make you smile you will get burned out and you'll just quit all together.

6) Three blogs that you NEED to be following because I love them! 

Because Shanna Said So

I just love Shanna. We have so much in common (SWT Alumni ~ River Floatin ~ Pat Green Stalkin lovin) and that might be part of it, but she is also just so down to earth and sweet. I admire her style too! 

Country Roots City Living

Lindsey & I became bloggy BFF's and then we became IRL BFF's. I adore her. She is the sweetest girl with the biggest heart. She is funny as heck when she is mad and is an amazing mother. She doesn't know this, but I kind of look up to her! Her life is changing in big ways right now and you'd be silly not to follow along on her new adventure.

From Nanny to Family

I can't remember now how I first stumbled upon Lindsay's blog. I can remember the first few times I read her page and walking away with my nose and forehead crinkled up. I wasn't too sure about her! NOW? Love her. She is funny, blunt, and she is as honest as they come. She doesn't hold back. I admire that. Plus, she is a pretty awesome friend! 

Since you're here, you might as well go ahead and enter my awesome giveaway :) 


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  1. A new follower from the Social Sunday link up!! I picked From Nanny to Family as one of my blogs to follow as well :)

    Have a great day



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