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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Desperate Measures

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Like so many others, I depend on coffee to get me going in the morning, to get me through lunch time, and to keep me awake all hours of the night. I'm not biased, I like coffee all the time

Awhile back I broke my carafe. 
Dropped it. Shattered it. Cursed it. 
I've had the same darn coffee maker since I got married in 2007. We were friends. It was special to me!

I've been putting off purchasing a new carafe because I'm cheap. I've substituted my fresh brewed cups of yummy coffee with that single serving instant yucky stuff, soda and tea. Yesterday, I decided I had finally had enough! This girl needed coffee, STAT

I took my rear end straight to Wal-Mart to purchase a new one. Guess what? When I got there, my coffee deprived brain failed me!! 

I couldn't remember what brand of coffee maker I own, what size it was, NOTHING! I could have bought a "universal" carafe, but I wasn't so sure about that option. I could have bought the brand that I thought it was (good thing I didn't because I would have been wrong) or I could have just bought a whole new coffee maker. I did none of the above.  
I just left the store with no carafe.

Fast forward a few hours...I stay up very late doing blog-y things, surfing the internet, and generally just screwing off because I don't feel like going to bed. 5 hours later my lovely children wake up and I'm a grumpfish from lack of sleep. The only thing that is going to help this situation is COFFEE. 

So.... I did what I had to do.

 Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Warning: I'm not entirely sure that it is safe to brew coffee in a glass measuring cup. The glass is thicker than my carafe was so I figured what the heck!

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  1. I didn't even own a coffee pot until about 8 years ago. I resisted because I knew I could drink a whole pot by myself....but it's so good! I'm not sure how I survived without a morning cup or three of coffee.

    1. Oh my, I couldn't do it!! You are a brave woman!! LOL

  2. Pyrex: genius!

    I drink tea more than coffee. Mmm, tea. Must... brew... more... ;)

  3. Thanks ;)

    I"m making tea right now!

    Coffee in the mornin, tea in the evening & coke in between!

    Oh how I wish I could stop!

  4. That is so funny! I think that was a very clever thing to do. Hey, you had no choice, right? Thanks for linking this up with #findingthefunny last week!


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