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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today's PSA: Don't Be A Crappy Neighbor

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I like to consider myself a helpful kinda gal. Friends call or write asking for advice. I listen and try to give them some perspective and honest opinions. 

So today, I'm going to give you some advice. A public service announcement (PSA). Heed my advice!! Your neighbors will thank me, er, you.I just wish the people this advice is actually intended for would have a chance in hell at reading this post! (My  neighbors).

TODAY'S PSA: Don't Be A Crappy Neighbor!

First, a little background information.

I live on a quiet street, in a cul-de-sac. There are 5 houses in my cul-de-sac so I consider myself to have 4 immediate neighbors, three on the right and one on the left. I've got other neighbors (both great & crappy) across the street and down the road, but today we're focusing on crappy neighbors in the cul-de-sac. 

I've only got one crappy neighbor in the cul-de-sac so 3 outta 4 good neighbors ain't bad. One bad one is enough though!


This my front yard. Yes, I know, the lawn needs to be mowed, now hush! Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Let me help you out. The back tire (the tire that is ALWAYS flat) of that truck there, it's in MY yard. The front tire of that van there, it's in MY yard. There are 4 cars in this driveway. Typically there is an additional car parked in the cul-de-sac right in FRONT of my yard. All 5 cars belong to the 3 adults that live in this house. Now, it's important to mention that according to HOA regulations for my neighborhood, all homes are to be inhabited by SINGLE FAMILIES. Honey, this is NOT a single family residence. I really don't think it is any of my business how many people are squished into that house. However, when you have a miniature car lot in your driveway that is overflowing into my yard and blocking my house, making it look like I HAVE A CAR LOT, there is a problem!

My 2nd issue is that the car that is typically parked in front of my house blocks the back end of my mailbox. The lovely postal worker who delivers mail in my area refuses to remove himself from the mail truck to put my mail in my mail box. If he can't drive right up to it, he just passes right on by. I get that he feels as though he shouldn't have to get out. HE should get that it isn't MY DAMN CAR blocking my mail box. Anyhow, Monday & Tuesday of this week I didn't get any mail. I KNEW why I wasn't getting any mail and Tuesday afternoon I let my neighbor know too!! Here is what I found in my mailbox when I finally got mail on Wednesday:


 So, here are my tips on how to NOT be a crappy neighbor:

1) Don't keep a miniature car lot in your driveway.
2) Don't park cars in your own yard.
3) Don't park in your neighbors grass, even if it is just one tire, and subsequently break their water meter  cover.
4) Don't block your neighbor's mail box.
5) Don't block your neighbor's mail box and then act completely surprised when he/she is pissed off at you for it. 
6) Don't block your neighbor's mail box, act surprised that he/she is pissed at you for it, then invite said neighbor over for a birthday party that weekend.

Bonus Tip: The pissed off next door neighbors are NOT coming to your damn birthday party!!

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  1. Ooh, Girl! This is a BIG problem here in the Bryan/College Station area with all of the students. This kind of stuff is always being brought up at Town Hall meetings, etc. They've gone to great lengths to prohibit this kind of stuff - but then, you get pissed off owners who don't like being regulated on what can/can't be parked in their own driveway.

    But, I completely agree with you. Their tires should NOT be on your property. And, their car SHOULD NOT be blocking your mailbox.

    Go get 'em, Lady Bug!!

    1. I totally get being angry because of being regulated on your own property. It pisses me off that I have to get permission from the HOA to paint my house and that they have to approve the color I use. However, I knew when we bought this house that there was an HOA and that there would be regulations. Those people did too.

      FYI, I think you just busted my bubble about the answer to my frustrations with neighbors being to just move to the country :) lol

  2. This is exactly why I love living in the country! Don't have to worry about stupid neighbors with their cars in our yard! Plus plenty of room for the pup (and eventually the kids) to run and play :)

    1. Oh, I dream of the day when we can move far away from the city, to the middle of no where, with no one around for miles and miles! Ahh, someday!

  3. Ha! I think you about covered it all. I would just add not to wash your car in barely any clothes like my neighbor down the street. It's a woman. She is skinny with big boobs. So glad you linked this up with us over at #findingthefunny last week!

  4. Oh no no no!!! NO skinny big boobed, half naked women washing cars are allowed!!

  5. Ugh! That would drive me crazy too.

    Is slashing their tires an options?!

    yeah, I didn't think so. ;)

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's.

  6. @Jen, I've totally considered it, but no, sadly it is not an option!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Oh, my God! I am rolling on the floor laughing. I shouldn't be because I can empathize. Those cars parked in the driveway, somewhat squatting on your property, would put me over the edge. And the mailbox thing? Well, that has happened to me many times. I get mad at both the neighbor AND the mailman. Really? You can get out of your car to leave a note telling me you cannot leave my mail, but not put the mail in the box.

    Geesh! Good luck with these crappy neighbors. Maybe one of their cars will get impounded. Ooops, was that mean?

  8. @Denise I'm much more angry at the mailman than I let on but I figure there is nothing I can do about him :/

    He did tell me that I could call the police when the neighbors illegally park on the street in front of my mailbox though. Somehow, I doubt the police officers in my area will give a damn lol.

  9. Oh snap. There's so many things in this post I want to be angry FOR you about!!! I live for the mailman! It's one of the best parts of my day! ((Oh my life, I sound pretty pitiful now that I've said it out loud!)) The parking on your grass though? That's just unacceptable.

  10. Oh honey, you don't sound pitiful!! I live for my mailman (lady!) too!! Coupons, samples, sweepstakes winnings -- these are things I get in my mailbox almost daily and it's like Christmas with each walk down the driveway. It's the main reason I was so pissed @ the neighbors. You don't get in the way of a girl and her free stuff :)


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