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Friday, June 21, 2013

BlogHer Food Recap! I"ve only been back from BlogHer Food for what, like two weeks, and I'm just now getting around to posting a recap. A lot happens while a Mom goes out of town for four days. Everything falls behind, but I'm finally caught up (I think). 

So, as y'all already know I went to BlogHer Food a few weeks ago; it was held at the Hilton in Austin, Texas - my birthplace! Austin - not the Hilton. This was my first big blogger conference and my first BlogHer event. The only reason I was able to go was because I was a volunteer which allowed me a full conference pass for helping out. I had the fun task of running the mic around the conference rooms during sessions so that everyone could hear when someone would ask a question. The job actually was pretty fun and I got to sit in on a bunch of sessions! 

I had the opportunity to meet a ton of awesome people, eat too much (is there such a thing?) delicious food, and connect with some really cool brands! The weekend really was spectacular and I cannot wait to do it again. So much so that I'm actually trying to figure out how to get my tush to Chicago for BlogHer at the end of July! 

I feel really blessed to have been able to attend this conference; the knowledge and friendships gained over those few short days are priceless to me! 

Cue picture overload.

I had such a blast with these ladies! 

On Thursday night I attended a party hosted by Whole Foods - it was called Bites and Bloggers. They had a beautiful set up on the roof top patio of the Whole Foods Market in downtown Austin - also their world headquarters. It was seriously amazing! Plus, awesome food of course! 

After the Whole Foods party I headed over to Parkside on 6th Street for a party hosted by Stonyfield and Organic Valley. They had an assortment of delicious and organic foods but I wasn't hungry so I snagged a little dessert. I sat on the patio with the girls and chatted while the wind whipped through my hair. I'm so glamorous. 

Friday morning I was up bright and early ready for my first session as a Mic Wrangler. I was a bit nervous but that went away pretty quickly! 

Myself & Dawn in our first session.

I seriously miss the Brew Over Ice booth! I frequented it over the weekend - I couldn't stay away. There is just something about all of those Keurigs lined up all in a row that I can't resist! 

Plus everyone working that booth was totally rad and they made me laugh!

Oh, this is my morning iced coffee made with Bailey's Creamers new mudslide cream and also my new favorite. So good.

Saturday we had lunch at a food truck called The Grackle. Obviously it was delicious because I couldn't be bothered to take a picture of my plate prior to devouring half it. Sorry, I'm a bad blogger.

The closing party was at Stubb's Saturday night and there was tons of food, live music and a fun photo booth! I really learned something here. I suck at photo booths! We got a few good shots though!

...And then...this happened.


On Sunday, the Ikea store in Round Rock hosted a small group of bloggers for lunch and to meet with their PR rep. They treated us to lunch, dessert, and a little swag. I'd always wanted to eat at Ikea and I'm glad I got the chance to. It was so good! 

Conference Swag! 

I had a blast at BlogHer Food - can't wait to do it again!
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  1. Hey lovely!

    Looks like you had an absolute blast. Always a good time to be had in Austin! I would love to go to the next one! =)

  2. Loved the recap and it was great meeting you! I want to go back, had a blast!


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