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Monday, November 26, 2012

Polish Swap Reveal!

Hey friends! Did y'all think I fell off the face of the planet or something? I didn't, but my little blogging break sure did leave me feeling refreshed!

I've been anxious for today to arrive however, because it is time to reveal my partner for the polish swap & the goodies she sent to me! This was my first ever swap and I was really excited to participate in the fun!

If you follow me on instagram you'll know how excited I was on Wednesday when I got a package from my polish swap partner, Julann. I was up to my elbows preparing part of our Thanksgiving feast but I couldn't help but rip into it, immediately!

Oh, my my, would you look at that! Can you believe all the goodies?! FYI - that red package is a Lindt milk chocolate bar. Listen, I've been eating the white chocolate truffles for years and have always been my favorite, hands down. Until I tried the milk chocolate bar. OH.MY.GOODNESS.  I think someone should start a chocolate swap and then one of y'all could send me a whole bunch of those chocolate bars! Wait...that's probably not the best idea. Anyway..

When I opened those THREE pretty pink packages, this is what I saw:

EEK! I love these colors! They are perfectly "me." Hey, Julann, you're awesome! How on earth did you pick such perfect colors for me when my "what I like in a polish" was so vague?! You did good girl, thank you thank you! You totally spoiled me!

If you'd like to see the polishes I sent to Julann, you'll have to head over to her space :)


  1. OoO I think I have the left one! Is it Little Brown Dress? That's a fantastic color!! :D

  2. OOoOoO I think I have the left one. Is it little brown dress? I love that one! It's a fantastic color! :) Great swap!

  3. Ahhhh..... I am so glad you liked it! I have never had that chocolate bar, but it looked so yummy I could not resist!

    I just got back from the holidays and am linking up today. LOVE my polishes!


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