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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My husband and I decided to take the kids to dinner at their favorite place tonight, Applebee's! We've been going to this specific Applebee's location for about 2 years and sadly, the place is really on the decline. Our experience in this "family" restaurant tonight was just down right AWFUL.
First of all, it appeared as though there wasn't anyone over the age of 21 working in the place at all. I don't mean to sound judgmental towards the younger 20 something crowd, but every employee we encountered was incredibly unprofessional. It was obvious that whomever was in charge of running the place was incapable of doing so. We were seated quickly and the hostess assured us she would bring a high chair for our little man. Fast forward 15 (!) minutes and my son is destroying the table because not only has the hostess not brought over a highchair, but our "waitress" hasn't brought one over either, even though she'd been asked to do so 10 minutes prior. FINALLY, after asking a  third time we get a damn high chair.

At this point, it's still okay. We're still in a good mood, everything is gonna be fine! Until my husband gets his "cherry limeade" that he ordered. It was ALL shaved ice, about 1/4 of a drink, and ummm, where are the cherries?  

So then I noticed that there was a sign on the table that said "If we don't offer you a Miller Lite or Blue Moon you get a FREE order of potato twisters."  Ohhhh really?!?! I'm the QUEEN of free y'all, so of course, I asked the waitress! No one offered us an adult beverage of any kind, not that we would have taken it because we had our kids with us after all, but that is besides the point! You know what that heifer did?? She LAUGHED and walked away from the table! She apparently thought I was joking. I WAS NOT! Anyhow, about 20 minutes pass and when I come back from taking my little lady to the girl's room the potato twisters were on the table. My husband swears she brought them on her own will but I'm not sure he didn't kindly remind her to bring them before I blew a gasket. I guess I'll never know!

So the worst part of all had to be how unprofessional these people were. There was a hostess trainee who was leaving her "post" to go outside to chit chat with her boyfriend. When she had to stand guard her boyfriend came inside with her, and they were kissing and hugging and groping on each other, right at the front door!!!  It wouldn't have been quite so bad, except for the fact that the hostess booth was RIGHT BEHIND the table where my family was sitting. ALL of this was visible to my children. Our waitress was even discussing personal business while "waiting" our table. I don't need to know about her sex life, or those of her friends! 

Moral of the story, I"m just disgusted with this place. It has been marked OFF of our favorite places list. The food isn't that great anyway.

The Applebee's being referenced in this post is located at
5911 Sam Houston Parkway N. Houston, TX 77049

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  1. I find it hilarious that you are speaking about professional behavior when youwrite a blog calling people names and talking about throwing a fit

  2. I'll admit that the heifer part wasn't very nice.
    There was absolutely no "fit throwing". I was very nice, respectful and well mannered to everyone I encountered in that restaurant.

    When someone is employed in a position where they serve others it is imperative that they know how to present themselves in a professional manner. Unfortunately the people I encountered at this restaurant did not know how to even pretend to be professional.

    With that said, I can speak about whatever I want on MY blog. It is, after all mine, and if you don't like what you read you can kindly click that little "X" in the top right corner of your screen.

  3. I myself a former 8 year applebee's employee agree with you. I left the company because of their lack to please the customers. If they want customers to return they need to make an effort and do their job. I know exactly what Applebee's you are referring to as I worked in the same Houston region. I assure you not all are that bad though, just seems like the one's in the Houston region are.

    1. It's so rare to find good customer service these days, but when I do find it, those establishments (and their staff!) are rewarded with my continued business. I won't be writing off Applebee's completely - there is another location not far from here that I'm sure is much better. At least I hope it will be! Thanks for your input!

    2. the crosby applebee's is run by very good management if you are ever in that area.

    3. Thank you for the tip! I'm in the Crosby area often and I was wondering if that one was any good!!


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