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Hey y'all! I'm Lacey!

I'm sarcastic, blunt, charming and sincere. I'm funny as heck (well, at least I think so) and full of Southern charm. I'm the oldest of 3 kids so I'm a little bossy too; I can't help it if my way is always right!

I have a ton of interests and sometimes allow myself to get spread too thin. I love reading, writing, travelling (which does NOT happen enough!), crafting just about anything, cooking, shopping, a good bottle glass of wine and a billion other things. Also, I'm addicted to Pinterest. I need help. SERIOUSLY.

The Lord blessed me with an incredible man who I have been proud to call my best friend for almost 20 years. We have a long history together and we are "thick as thieves." We've been married since May of 2015 and now we're just "living our love song."

I'm called Mommy by two beautiful children and my days are filled with questions that start with "Mama!" and end in "Why?" My house is rarely clean and I've always got a laundry list of things to do (laundry included on that list - ALWAYS)!

I hope you'll kick back and stay awhile..I have funny stories to tell, recipes to dish out, fun projects to share and tons of other random stuff too!

Oh, and check out my reverse bucket list here.
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Sidenote: This blog used to be called ..And They Call Me Mommy. There's a good chance you will see that name referenced here somewhere - especially watermarked on pictures in old posts! Don't be alarmed, that was just me during an identity crisis. ;)

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